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To protect faith in USA’s voting process, the US Constitution separated
State from Church.

Anti-Abortion legislators
are establishing and forcing
religious provisions on US Citizens

To protect faith in USA’s voting process, the US Constitution separated
State from Church.

Anti-Abortion legislators
are establishing and forcing
religious provisions on US Citizens

Vol 7 No. 1
May 25, 2023
This newsletter reports
on the U.S.A., fighting
for the face to face
bestowal of the
essence of democratic
law: One person one
vote from one free
citizen to the next free
citizen, to win
individual access to
earthly desires, which
is required to generate
a modern and
prosperous nation.
(This is based on the
Transmission of the
Law argued by
the Lotus Sutra,
Nichiren Daishonin,
and the Nichiren Shoshu
This article was written
by arguing Nam Myoho
Renge Kyo to a
Gohonzon, and reciting
this article along with
other research material,
arguing last moment of
life, Time without
Beginning and
Propagation, as to
win objects of desire

Question: Why? In 2018, Ireland amended their Constitution. It now protects their women’s rights to have abortions.

Answer: In the USA, Covid19 generated an influence of fear about mingling with others. Many  preachers and Legislators twisted and redirected this fear to support their religious provisions. They twisted this fear and alleged ‘US voting process’ was forcing US Citizens to mingle with other epidemics. One epidemic was “Women Having Abortions”.  Some also cited that diversity mingling and inclusion, and desegregation mingling made epidemics more infectious and had to be outlawed.  For that reason, books started to be banned.

In their background, ex President Trump continued to claim President Biden had lost a national voting process for President and had stolen and corrupted the 2020 Presidential election process.

Let’s discuss this: Essentially a majority of the US Citizens support “Women Having Abortions”.

Most US Citizens are devoted to their US Constitution and understand its separation of State from Church.

This US Constitution manages the US “Declaration of Independence”.  It protects citizens so they can summon their faith “in a voting process” as to win their common desires.

To protect this faith in a voting process, the US Constitution separated State from Church.

To stop Covid 19 epidemic; its influence of fear and citizens turning their heart to evil, US Government worked with Pharmaceutical Companies; and research institutions.  This team delivered a cure and answered people’s prayers to stop this epidemic.  The US Federal Government also extended unemployment benefits and food stamps to a large segment of the population that didn’t qualify under normal circumstances; and gave sizeable relief funds to many US Corporations.

Question: Then how did Covid19 allow Legislators to establish religious provisions such as anti abortion laws?

Answer:  Legislators cite their devotion is to organize and enforce their religious provisions that ‘Women Having Abortions’ is an epidemic that must be stopped. They claim fetuses have a legal right to live; and laws must manage and coordinate society to protect a fetuses life. Some have cited it is a scientific evil to abort a fetus that has heart beats.

These US States Legislatures have also claimed their focus is not to manage a woman’s body, when pregnant.

They willingly ignore that their anti-abortion laws bind and enslave women to their pregnancies.

Question: What happened when ‘Women Having Abortions’ became illegal in certain US States?

Answer:  A Texas Governor, who is wheelchair bound, claimed that severe felony charges for ‘Women Having Abortions’ would eradicate reports of “Women Being Raped’. President Roosevelt, wheelchair bound, organized and directed US Citizens to defeat Nazis after instituting the ‘New Deal’.

Tennessee legislators, to eradicate this ‘Women Having Abortions’ epidemic, have stopped giving female rape victims free abortions pills.

In reality, men of any age, married or single can inconspicuously manage a woman’ life ambitions through pregnancy. Texas allows any citizen in the USA to sue a Texas citizen involved directly or indirectly in an abortion. If they win they get paid $10,000 USD from the people they sued.

Question: Then why did the US Supreme Court reverse Roe v Wade in 2022?

Answer:  Five US Supreme Court Justices ruled that Roe vs. Wade was based on disagreeable legal arguments. Some ruled that abortions were not protected by a US Constitution’s right to privacy. This indicated a lot of people could have a say in “Women Having Abortions”

Several of those Supreme Court Justices even lied to US Congress, during their vetting, about their views on Roe v Wade. These were legal scholars. They were well versed in Roe vs. Wade. They lied that they considered Roe v Wade as settled law.

This strategy of lies in a nominating process, before the US Congress, under oath, has spread across the USA. It has enormous influence and impacts on elections, across the USA.

Question: Why does the US Constitution manage our Declaration of Independence?

Answer:  After the US Declaration of Independence, US Citizens tried several models to manage this independence from tyranny. A first model was “The Articles of Confederation”. It enforced that US States would coordinate management of the USA. That failed. The USA needed a single common government body.

Second model was our US Constitution. That succeeded. It still had enormous issues: initially, Legislative, Judicial and Executive branches of the US Government and State Governments opposed a right to vote for women and Blacks.

It took a Constitutional Amendment, 19th, in 1920 to enforce a woman’s right to vote, and a US Legislative Act in 1964 “Civil Rights Act” to remove hurdles that prevented a Black’s right to vote.

Question: Why did Religious Extremists start talking about “Woke-ism”?

Answer:  Religious extremists want religious provisions to guide local, State and Federal Governments. There has been a long fight to enforce a US Constitution and a voting process across a broad spectrum of diverse US Citizens. This fight also enforced a separation of Church from State. Religious extremists call this “Woke-ism”.  Even though the US Constitution, First Amendment reads: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion”.

This campaign of “Anti-Woke-ism” will allow tyrants to step forward and run for political office.  Political bureaucracies wanting to promote their religious provisions could easily support these tyrants.  Tyrants will find “Anti-Woke-ism” as allies and will support them.

Tyrants will also convince Citizens how to mingle and stay healthy enacting specific provisions.  Hitler did it with a ‘Pure Race Theory’ and advanced technologies.