The Politics of “This elected leader is best medicine” can get ushered in by Pandemics like Covid-19. During a pandemic, entire populations are attuned to hearing about medical solutions.

The Politics of “This elected leader is best medicine” can get ushered in by Pandemics like Covid-19. During a pandemic, entire populations are attuned to hearing about medical solutions.

Vol 4 No. 2
May 14, 2020
This newsletter reports
on the U.S.A., fighting
for the face to face
bestowal of the
essence of democratic
law: One person one
vote from one free
citizen to the next free
citizen, to win
individual access to
earthly desires, which
is required to generate
a modern and
prosperous nation.
(This is based on the
Transmission of the
Law argued by
the Lotus Sutra,
Nichiren Daishonin,
and the Nichiren Shoshu
This article was written
by arguing Nam Myoho
Renge Kyo to a
Gohonzon, and reciting
this article along with
other research material,
arguing last moment of
life, Time without
Beginning and
Propagation, as to
win objects of desire

Question: Aren’t followers showing loyalty to a leader when they summon up their faith in ‘This elected leader is best medicine’?

Answer: Then they could view their leader’s opposition as  lacking in loyalty and thus ‘sick’.  They could then enact any kind of change and support so their leader wins over this ‘sick’ opposition;  even denying rights of ‘sick’ and thus ‘bad medicine’.

Key loyal followers can enforce “This elected leader is best medicine” by using a power of the purse. As an example they could withhold funds for re-elections, from followers wavering in loyalty.

Question: But a leader might want to to prove  ‘This elected leader is best medicine’?

Answer:  With this strategy,  ‘Sick’ and ‘Healthy’ are no longer medical conditions, but become political/economic conditions.  A leader’s good thoughts get quickly corrupted. They can go to great lengths to prove that they are not among the ‘sick’ political/economic politicians.  This elected leader might start looking for ‘sickness’ embedded in their opposition.  They might call to arms to fight that ‘sickness’.  They might see any opposition or predecessors as ‘sick’ and ‘disgusting’ politics/economics.

Question: If  this strategy “An elected leader is best medicine” corrupts people, can a leader discard this strategy?

Answer:  Immediately.   They can change/dismiss loyal key members who want to push a strategy of “This elected leader is best medicine”.  US Federal laws even have security buffers to prevent nepotism. Some leaders just have to be able to walk away and say that their leadership time is over.

Question: Can these strategies of “Best Medicine” spiral out of control?

Answer:  Yes. Followers could make a call to arms to protect ‘This elected leader is best medicine’

This spiraled out of control in Germany, under Hitler. Hitler rose to power, post a pandemic.

Question: But Hitler was defeated?

Answer:  In the USA, President Roosevelt was not ‘This elected leader is best medicine’.  He was a polio victim, scooting about in a wheel chair.   US Citizens defended their right to vote for the sick and healthy.  They were not confused, on this issue.  We could say during WWII, the single mindedness of US Citizens was to fight to protect their US Constitution. They led a global charge that defeated Hitler.  World War II costs millions of lives.

Question: Are there other front lines of “Best Medicine”?

Answer:  Yes. After Hitler’s defeat, President Truman desegregated the US Armed Forces.  We could say President Truman authorized  ‘Military Rights”.  It was a single mindedness of US Citizens, regardless of race or sex, that fought to protect their US Constitution and thus be victorious in WWII. It took another 20 years before leaders in Congress and later US Presidents relinquished their hold on what was “Best Medicine” for the USA, and passed a Civil Rights Act. Then it took another twenty years, after that, for laws to relinquish what was “Best Medicine” for the USA and allow more sexual equality. As late as 2018, certain purveyors of “I’m your best medicine” were finally successfully prosecuted by the “Me Too” movement.

There is an ongoing front line to have the US Supreme Court overturn Roe vs. Wade. Anti-abortion supporters argue “Legal best medicine” for an unborn fetus translates to ‘no abortion’ as “Legal best medicine” for a woman who wants to abort her pregnancy.

This proves this type of faith of  ‘Best Medicine’ surrounded by “Armed Resistance” and “Non Disclosures” is difficult to bring to a stop.

Question: How does State separate from Church fit into this?

Answer:  When these strategies of “Best Medicine” are supported by quotes from various religious documents, or when religious figures step forward and say this “Best Medicine” reflects our highest teachings….it becomes a very difficult fight. That is another reason that the USA separated Church from State.

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