How will USA Citizens react when pollution reappears over their Cities, post Covid-19, Wuhan Virus.

How will USA Citizens react when pollution reappears over their Cities, post Covid-19, Wuhan Virus.


Vol 4 No. 1
April 9, 2020
This newsletter reports
on the U.S.A., fighting
for the face to face
bestowal of the
essence of democratic
law: One person one
vote from one free
citizen to the next free
citizen, to win
individual access to
earthly desires, which
is required to generate
a modern and
prosperous nation
(This is based on the
Transmission of the
Law argued by
the Lotus Sutra,
Nichiren Daishonin,
and the Nichiren Shoshu
This article was written
by arguing Nam Myoho
Renge Kyo to a
Gohonzon, and reciting
this article along with
other research material,
arguing last moment of
life, Time without
Beginning and
Propagation, as to
win objects of desire

Question: Why are you pointing this out?  We are in a global pandemic.

Answer: The USA, along with many countries around our globe are in a fight against Covid-19, Wuhan Virus.  Governments are ordering  shelter in place, social distancing, and restricting auto, pedestrian and bus/subway traffic to essential services, food and prescription shopping/travel, only.

As citizens enact these government orders, we see evidence that New York City streets are relatively empty of people and traffic.  These types of orders have been enacted in cities around the globe, such as London, Tokyo, Paris, Beijing, Shanghai, Mexico City, …

With these Government orders to fight against Covid-19, Wuhan virus, the atmosphere in major cities around the globe have remarkably cleared up.  New York City’s air has cleaned up remarkably.  Videos show that New Delhi has lost its constant pollution haze that even impacted visibility.  In certain regions in India, citizens report they can see the Himalayans mountains for the first time in over thirty years

Question: When this pandemic is over, we expect to return to a new normal, as they say.  Why discuss pollution.

Answer:  When citizens in these global cities have travel restrictions lifted, there will be a sudden increase in pollution.  When restrictions are lifted for shelter in place, many businesses will restart and some will contribute to pollution.

Will New Delhi return to an atmosphere of a constant haze, that even impacts visibility?  Will citizens in India slowly see their Himalayan mountain ranges become obscured by a haze of pollution.

Will the air in New York City, Los Angeles and Chicago become full of pollutants from its heavy traffic, and resumption of some businesses.

In the USA, News organizations, have reported how many laws to protect our environment have been rolled back, under President Trump’s administration.  News organizations have broadcast politicians that argue these environment protections have stressed businesses with increased costs to adhere to regulations.

We can expect anger and bewilderment from US Citizens.  Citizens will have first hand proof that environment protection laws are essential to their health.

They will want to vote for anti pollution controls.  They will ask why are automobiles allowed to pump out so much pollution.  Why is A US Government sitting back when pollution has reappeared to damage US Citizens. They will remind the Federal Government, that businesses are made up of people.


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