The US Government must emphasize the US Constitution is not an ‘experiment’

The US Government must emphasize the US Constitution is not an ‘experiment’

Vol 6 No. 3
December 11, 2022
This newsletter reports
on the U.S.A., fighting
for the face to face
bestowal of the
essence of democratic
law: One person one
vote from one free
citizen to the next free
citizen, to win
individual access to
earthly desires, which
is required to generate
a modern and
prosperous nation.
(This is based on the
Transmission of the
Law argued by
the Lotus Sutra,
Nichiren Daishonin,
and the Nichiren Shoshu
This article was written
by arguing Nam Myoho
Renge Kyo to a
Gohonzon, and reciting
this article along with
other research material,
arguing last moment of
life, Time without
Beginning and
Propagation, as to
win objects of desire

Question: Why an emphasis that the US Constitution is not an experiment.

Answer: US Citizen’s beliefs about the US Constitution are getting twisted.

Recent global epidemics have seeded fear among US citizens.

‘Preachers’ are harvesting this fear and sincerely claim ‘State’ is being guided by people with bad faith.

They sincerely claim that emphasis on ‘State’ being independent of ‘their Church’ is really ‘Communism’.

Some sincerely argue that this ‘independence’ indicates the US Constitution must be changed.

They argue that ‘their Church’ is not even independent from ‘Science’

Question: But the US Government was at a front line of reversing Covid 19 epidemic. They helped citizens survive this global epidemic by providing US Citizens with vaccines, testing for infections, hospitalizations, funds, foods and shelter.

Answer:  Fear still prevails. Groups like QAnon encourage adhoc members to step forward and strike to sincerely support ‘their Church’s’ campaign to control the US Government.

Question: Why do QAnon beliefs gain support?

Answer:  In the USA, some members of the US Congress make reference to QAnon beliefs without chastising them.

QAnon can offer proof by citing how their favored political candidates, losing in recent elections, have claimed massive voter fraud.

‘Preachers’ can cite ‘their Church’s’ beliefs are being emulated by US State Legislatures. In ‘their Church’ emergence of a scientifically proven heartbeat in a fetus is such a significant religious/scientific event, that an abortion cannot proceed at that point.

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